April 16, 2024

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Talpa John de Mall enters into an exclusive coordination agreement with Eureka in Oz

Talpa John de Mall enters into an exclusive coordination agreement with Eureka in Oz

Marble Mania The creator who linked Talpa to Holst Molly Eureka Productions is expanding its reach in Australia.

Through the agreement, Talpa Concepts from John de Mol will give the US and Australian company Eureka the exclusive rights to sell and manufacture all forms of the Dutch company, including Avastarsenlistment hunting seasonenlistment quiz for youenlistment Take to the road enlistment Children buy a house. It also includes: Marble Mania which was launched earlier this year on the TF1 in France.

It’s the latest deal struck by Talpa, which is looking for partners to expand its brands around the world. It has previously established similar partnerships with Dok1 Media in Belgium, Satisfaction Group in France and Seven.One Entertainment Group in Germany.

Launched by Chris Colvinor and Paul Franklin in 2016, Eureka now has a roster of 35 shows in Australia, the United States and Canada, including Holst Molly For ABC in the US and Seven in Oz, Dating nearby for Netflix and Frogger For NBC Universal Peacock Streamer.

Colvinor, Co-CEO of Eureka Productions, said: “John de Mol is a creative force and Eureka Productions is delighted to work with him and the Talpa team. We look forward to launching Talpa’s exciting and innovative range of shapes in Australia.”

De Mol added: “It’s creative offerings like Holey Moley that immediately stand out to me. I look forward to working with the next generation manufacturer. We have a similar taste for creativity and distribution.”

De Mol founded the Talpa Network radio and broadcasting company in 2017 before launching Talpa Entertainment Production, Talpa Concepts and Talpa Distribution. This followed his winning streak at ITV Studios, which acquired his former company Talpa Media in 2015.

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Recently, Talpa Network van De Mol agreed to merge with RTL Group in the Netherlands to create a consolidated Dutch media group.