April 17, 2024

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Telsmart launches Flexy Sim: “With Flexy Sim we will work for truly 'smart'”

Telsmart launches Flexy Sim: “With Flexy Sim we will work for truly 'smart'”

TelSmart, a permanent fixture in the world of cloud telephony, launches Flexy Sim. An innovative solution, developed in collaboration with Telenet, ensures innovative development in the Belgian market.

With Flexy Sim, TelSmart, the communications provider from Kasterlee, advances its vision of making end-users' lives simple. It says goodbye to traditional cloud phone systems with fixed phones. Combining office landline phones, a telephone exchange, and a GSM system on your existing smartphone ensures simplicity and ease of use within businesses.

“With Flexy Sim, we are going for truly 'smart,'” explains Rob Renders, CEO of TelSmart. “Our Next GEN Cloud phone platform has been seamlessly integrated with Telenet platforms, so we are now also porting and integrating mobile phone numbers into our software. Significant gains for the customer include the fact that they have all their private and business numbers on one device and can with one click choose which number to use To connect via GSM network.

“You can put smart call flows behind your mobile phone number,” says Renders. “For example, when you start a meeting, you can now activate the meeting button via your smartphone with one tap. The caller will hear that you are in a meeting and that your call will be transferred to a colleague. This saves you time and the caller will also be assisted faster.

“Everything can be done from your smartphone and from anywhere in the world. This supports our vision to maximize people's quality of life. With Flexy Sim, companies can truly transform their organizations,” Renders emphasizes enthusiastically.

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