March 2, 2024

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Tesla begins delivery of Model Y copies in Europe – picture and sound – news

The concepts are very flexible. In addition, it just depends on what you are looking at and what characteristics you emphasize for the name of the species.

Model S: has the dimensions and body of a sedan, but the tailgate of a hatchback. Which do you choose? Anyone who sees the Model S at first glance calls it a sedan because of the car’s size and shape, only later people see that the tailgate consists of the entire window, which is literally the only part of the hatchback. So yeah what do you call it? I call it a sedan because that’s what it sounds like, it’s way too long for a hatchback.
Tesla calls it Then.

Model 3: The only obvious one is just a sedan, no other features.
Tesla calls it Then.

Model X: MPV or SUV? It sits a little higher on its wheels than the Model S and 3 but doesn’t compare to the regulars, which in my opinion still wouldn’t classify as an SUV because it’s too low and would classify it as an MPV. However, in comparison with other Teslas cars, this car is definitely higher, so in this frame you can call it an SUV.
Tesla calls it SUV cars.

Model Y: Like the Model X, slightly smaller.
Tesla calls it Midsize SUV

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