April 22, 2024

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Tessa Odden’s New Single – “Reasons”

Tessa Odden’s New Single – “Reasons”

After participating in the Norwegian version of Idol In 2016, Tessa Oden seems to be taking it easy. A bit of a bold move considering she wasn’t really into it at the time. Her music can be counted on her hands and there is still no doubt about her debut album. Yet she knows how to keep us entertained with the gems of such new “whys”.

On her previous singles, where Tessa Oden only had a guitar as accompaniment, she demonstrated that she likes to keep her music simple. This is no different with Reasons, because again her voice is central. The main instrument is soft piano, although after a while she adds a percussion that makes the whole sound more electronic than her earlier music. Not bad, because here, too, the character of simplicity is preserved. To enhance the fun in the song, we also suddenly hear a backing chorus, though Odden’s voice remains the focus of the solo. The Norwegian singer seems to be experimenting more by going in a more electronic direction, but all in all “Reasons” is a great single with typical Odden elements.

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