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That's why 'green' tours in America are so relaxing

That's why 'green' tours in America are so relaxing

For some people travel is a drain on the planet and for others it is necessary to live happily. For example, Rosa from BEDROCK traveled the world alone and wrote a book about travel. Of course, taking a plane costs twice as much and can be more difficult if you're committed to the climate. However fun and adventure are part of your personal development. There are also 'green' tours, for example in the US, that you can easily book.

If you want to take climate into account, there are several ways to do so. There are many trips that don't require you to fly. There are also ways to compensate for your flight. If you fly once every five years, that's less bad than several times a year. Of course, you decide how you travel. You can read more about 'green' travel in the US in this article.

'Greener' tours in America

I want to give everyone the opportunity to travel around America at least once in their lifetime. Why? It's an experience in another country with experiences you can't easily get at home. America is a large and unique country, a … Beautiful beach You can drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco. the sun road trip You are driving through California Pacific Coast Highway Depending on the number of stops, it will take you six to twenty days.

Electric car travel

Most people don't think about a word when they say it road trip Listen, an electric car. Because you have the struggle of not having enough charging stations on the routes. Well not so. Because America Plus It has launched special trips that can easily be done by electric car. With a Tesla you drive on a scenic route past charging stations.

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Slow travel

Not only are these 'green' tours in America better for the climate, they're also quieter as you visit the highlights at a slower pace. With the route mapped out for you, you can travel more relaxed and worry-free. You drive fewer kilometers per day, so you have more time to explore the area.

As a renowned player in the vacation market to America, AmericaPlus wants to contribute to 'green' vacations to America. We have managed to travel together Adequate electric car charging stations on routes. In December, AmericaPlus launched a variety of electric car tours using Tesla. Unique in the Netherlands.

Traveling by electric car across America is actually a form Slow travel. These green tours also include a selection of hotels based on their needs Invest in sustainability And direct flights are chosen whenever possible.

Runs in green

AmerikaPLUS has been working for years to operate as green as possible. Everyone has been working exclusively from home for years, literally every day travel is blocked. Also, completely paperless administration has been in practice for years. Passengers can easily realize a CO2 offset for air travel to the US, and half of this cost is borne by the travel provider.

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