February 27, 2024

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The acquisition launches Pauwels Consulting into the space

The acquisition launches Pauwels Consulting into the space

Pauwels Consulting owns a majority stake in ATG Europe, which focuses on space travel.

Pauwels is strongly committed to IT, life sciences and engineering and has made several acquisitions in these areas at home and abroad in recent years. With ATG he takes a new step towards higher fields.

In addition to the company's expansion, the acquisition also marks the first major space travel and science exploration. At the same time, it provides diversification, which can provide greater stability in economically difficult times.

ATG Europe has been established since 1969 as an engineering company for the nuclear and aerospace sectors. The company employs 450 employees and has various intellectual property rights in its fields. In addition to engineering and consulting, the company works on 3D visualizations, AR/VR experiences, technology services and recognized administrative support.

“By collaborating with ATG Europe, we are entering a leading market with huge potential for cross-sector synergies. By venturing into space and big science, we are expanding our capabilities and strengthening our commitment to being at the forefront of technological progress. Said Bert Pauwels, CEO Pauwels Consulting .

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