September 27, 2023

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The action will scare you with these three tools on offer

The action will scare you with these three tools on offer

The business has new offers every Tuesday. Your WANT friends will browse it with you, so you don’t have to miss it. These three tools are our favorites.

In Action, just like in Kruidvat, you can buy almost everything. Whether it’s detergent, candy or a plant pot, you’ll find it in the store. However, there are often also smart gadgets in the range. We have listed the top three for you.

Tools displayed in Action

But what tools should you really not miss this week? Here they come!

#1 Makita Cordless Drill and Saw Set

You may think that Action only sells low-quality products, but that’s actually not true. This week, for example, a Makita cordless drill and saw combo is on display.

The brand is known for its quality, and this is reflected in the collection. You also get five saw blades. This way you instantly have a good set for almost all your jobs. You’re paying there now 169 euros to.

Makita drill work
(Image: Action)

#2 Tefal Mix & Move blender on display at Action Store

Speaking of brands. What Makita is to the craftsman world, Tefal is to the kitchen. Action now has a great machine that allows you to prepare delicious smoothies.

This blender, on sale now at Action, has a 300-watt motor. So it takes no effort at all to make a shake or smoothie. You also get two 600ml travel mugs. After making it, you can take it to work immediately, for example. The set now costs in Action 29.95 euros.

Tefal blender work
(Image: Action)

#3 Animatronic skeleton for Halloween

In Action you can also find the strangest articles. This animated Halloween skeleton fits this category perfectly. You can buy it for Halloween, or just now to scare the hell out of someone.

You can easily hang this model on the door. With his red eyes and terrifying voice, he will scare every visitor to your home. It even moves when touched or heard. You got it 27.95 euros.

Halloween skeleton work
(Image: Action)

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