May 24, 2024

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The Antwerp actress from Family and Debuurtpolitie writes…

The Antwerp actress from Family and Debuurtpolitie writes…

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Doreen Rennert, better known as “The Family” and “Debuurtpolitie”, has written out her frustration with the Corona crisis in an open letter addressed to Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo. “To avoid this care overload, you simply had to do your job,” the Linkeroever actress wrote. Rennert talks about a period that was “overwhelmed by stress, depression, and financial concerns.”

I hesitated for a long time to write the letter, as Dorien Reynaert wrote in her open letter. actress from family employment neighborhood police As he put it, it is no longer possible to see how the government is dealing with the Corona crisis. She writes, “I raise the alarm very loudly primarily for my husband, for myself, and therefore for everyone who works in the events, nightlife and hospitality industry.” “Because we are not doing well, to put it mildly. Not financially, but certainly not mentally.”

In addition to acting, she also runs an events agency with her husband, Atmosphere – Concept AgencyThis will be quite far away in 2020, she said, and they will also be first-time parents. But it was all overshadowed by stress, depression and financial worries. In the beginning, we were still acquainted with the mantra of ‘care about everyone’ and we could more or less succumb to day-to-day downtime.”

empty promises

But in the meantime, according to Rennert, the motto “caring for all” has changed to “caring for all except those who do the job of entertaining people,” she wrote. “For here I am sitting behind my computer screen, again with a terrifyingly empty agenda for the coming months and with a man who cannot act out of sheer misery. Because it is misery, Mr. de Croo.” Rennert talks of “empty promises” and “empty words” and believes that the government has failed to do what is necessary. She writes: “To avoid overloading in care, you simply had to do your job.” That is, assess this situation in advance and take preventive measures. How do? For a year and a half (!) you had time to save more beds and equipment, to turn empty buildings into pop-up hospitals, to train the unemployed to help / offload the nursing staff … Now we had a bigger margin and we didn’t have to stop working again and pay for laxity.”

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So it goes further. You did not take any precautionary measure, but you waited, and then it became very easy again to place responsibility on the shoulders of the citizen and the worker, pointing fingers and threatening heavy fines and penalties. As if we (catering and events) haven’t already paid enough out of our own pockets to invest in safety, clean air, secure ticket scanners, extra staff, and…”