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The average gross salary is 3758 euros per month but this amount hides clear differences |  Money

The average gross salary is 3758 euros per month but this amount hides clear differences | Money

A full-time employee earned a total average of 3,758 euros per month in 2019. This was reported by the Belgian statistics office Statbel on Tuesday. However, this average amount hides clear differences. For example, for 59 percent of employees, total pay is below average.

The average wage is 3,486 euros. This figure shows that 50 percent of employees earn a maximum of 3,486 euros, with the other half earning a higher salary.


The ten percent of employees who earn the highest income receive at least €5,886 per month from their employer. With an average gross salary of €10,465, managers of large companies earn 178 percent more than the national average.

But for ten percent of employees, the total monthly wage does not exceed 2,295 euros. With a monthly wage of 2,372 euros, waiters and waiters earn 37 percent less than the national average. In other words: for the gross monthly salary of a manager of a large company, a waiter or waiter must work four months.

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Hairstylists, beauticians, domestic workers, cleaners, cashiers and ticket sellers also earn at least one-third less than the national average.

pay gap

In addition, there is still a difference of 4.1 percent between women working full-time and their male colleagues, even though the wage gap has decreased sharply over the past 10 years. In 2010, the difference was still 10 percent.

The diploma also plays a role. Master’s degree holders earn 48 percent more than the average Belgian. Those who left school without a diploma earn a salary 26 percent less than the national average.

Statbel bases its data on a survey of wages among 118,164 employees of Belgian companies.

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