February 21, 2024

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The body found belonged to Brian Laundry, the fiancée...

The body found belonged to Brian Laundry, the fiancée…

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The human remains found near the property of Brian Laundry (23) actually belong to Gabe Pettito’s fiancée (22). The FBI confirms this.

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Wednesday in Myakkatchee Creek Ecological Park, not far from the Laundry family’s home in Florida, What appears to be human remains have been found. Nearby are personal items such as a backpack and a notebook by Brian Laundry. That’s what the FBI said. More forensic analysis is needed.

The FBI said the body has since been identified by teeth.

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Hours earlier, a local police spokesman said the remains were undoubtedly a human body, and that the clothes match what Brian Laundry was wearing when he disappeared on September 13. According to the spokesperson, his notebook was found outside a bag that was supposed to keep things dry, but the police will do everything they can to dry it out and get it back.

The belongings were found on Wednesday when Laundry’s parents went to search the park with the police.

For weeks without a trace

Laundry disappeared after returning from a road trip without his fiancée, Gabi Pettito. She was found strangled shortly after her disappearance at a nature reserve in Wyoming and Laundry was deemed a “person of interest” in her murder case.

He was hunted for weeks in a nature reserve in Florida. Until recently, the place where his body and possessions were found was underwater, according to the FBI. The area is full of crocodiles and snakes.

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