February 28, 2024

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'The British left sensitive information at the embassy in Kabul' |  Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

‘The British left sensitive information at the embassy in Kabul’ | Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

British diplomats are said to have left sensitive contact information for Afghan staff at the British Embassy in Kabul. The British newspaper The Times reported that this information then reached the hands of Taliban fighters. In its response, the British Foreign Office said the Afghans concerned had been “transferred to safety”.

According to The Times, this will include the addresses and phone numbers of Afghan embassy staff, as well as biographies of people who have applied to the embassy. Papers were said to have been left on the ground in a hurry in mid-August as diplomats rushed to leave the embassy as the Taliban reached Kabul.

“Every effort has been made to destroy sensitive material,” a British Foreign Office spokesman said. However, the information on three employees and eight members of their families would have remained at the embassy. “It is critical that we are able to get these three families to safety,” the spokesman said. However, according to The Times, not everyone is safe.

“Death List”

Meanwhile, US authorities are also under fire for allegedly providing a list of evacuees to the Taliban in order to ensure people are allowed to enter the airport. A US government official told Politico news site that the US had in fact provided a “death list” of Afghans who worked with the Americans.

US President Joe Biden responded to the rumors during a speech Thursday (local time), saying that a list of evacuees “probably” had been provided to the Taliban. However, he could not say for sure.

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