March 4, 2024

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The cause of death of Gabi Pettito was announced: she was a young woman ...

The cause of death of Gabi Pettito was announced: she was a young woman …

Gabe Pettito, the American woman who disappeared without a trace at the end of August during a tour of the United States with her boyfriend, was actually murdered and strangled to death. That’s according to a Wyoming District Attorney who performed an autopsy on her body.

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The 22-year-old Pettito’s family sounded the alarm in early September after boyfriend Brian Laundry returned to his Florida home without his girlfriend, refusing to reveal Pettito’s whereabouts. A few days later, the man escaped, shortly after his girlfriend’s body was found dead in a national park in Wyoming.

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Initial investigations had already shown Pettito’s death, but the final report had to wait until the coroner had thoroughly examined the woman’s body. That report now confirms that it was indeed a murder, and that Pettito was suffocated. “The cause of death was strangulation, which was murder,” said Dr. Brent Blow.

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Time of death is estimated to be about three to four weeks before Pettito’s body was found, on September 19. That time would roughly coincide with the time the woman was last seen alive with Laundry.

The murder of Brian Laundry was not officially suspected, although the American public considers him the suspected killer. The police and the FBI have now described him as “Someone interestingThey have been searching extensively for the man for weeks.

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