March 28, 2023

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The CEOs of Europe’s five Belgian clubs fill in the successful season: ‘Mad thinking…’ – Football News

The performances of the five Belgian clubs in Europe confirmed that this season is a great success for our country in European football. The CEOs of Club, Union, Anderlecht, Ghent and Antwerp had their say at “Het Laatste Nieuws”.

Sven Jaekes (Antwerp) calls out for realism: “We shouldn’t shout OK, because next year can also be bad.” “But it is no coincidence that there are three quarter-finalists. The clubs are becoming more professional. We are working more consciously with our youth.”

Philip Bormans (The Union) is keeping the big picture in mind. “Big companies are getting bigger. We shouldn’t be competing with England or Germany. Holland or Portugal should be our point of comparison. We should try The best of the rest He is.”


Michel Luage (Ghent) agrees that we have to compete with the Netherlands, but we remain realistic. “It’s crazy to think we’ll outpace Portugal or the Netherlands with their excellent sporting culture. Ajax have resources, but other than that I think we’re evenly matched. Portugal is more difficult, because their top clubs are a higher level.”

“The Belgian league is stronger than it looks from the outside,” says Anderlecht’s Jesper Fredberg. “I haven’t underestimated the level myself, but now that I’m in the middle of it, I feel the Belgian competition more as very tough. There’s a lot of respect for the Belgian competition from abroad.”


With what goal should the Belgian teams embark on a European adventure in the future? “Winning the Conference League should be the ambition,” says Vincent Manart (Club Brugge). “That is why it is not a failure if it does not work, but we have to convince ourselves as a Belgian footballer that it is possible.”

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