May 26, 2024

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The chief researcher on the origin of the Corona virus in China calls for...

The chief researcher on the origin of the Corona virus in China calls for…

In a documentary on Danish public television station TV2, Peter Embark, head of the WHO mission trying to determine the origin of the coronavirus in China, described the theory that the virus escaped from the lab as ‘possible’. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization is pushing for “all data” on the first Covid cases to be released.

“The laboratory worker who contracted the infection during sampling is one of the possible hypotheses,” Mubarak said in the documentary, “The Mystery of the Virus – The Dane’s Search for the Truth in China.” However, on March 29, the mission concluded that an accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology was “highly unlikely”.

However, according to Mubarak, it was difficult to discuss this theory with Chinese scholars. “48 hours before the end of the mission, we have not yet come to an agreement to include the laboratory thesis in our report,” the WHO scientist said.

As a result of these discussions, the WHO delegation was allowed to visit two laboratories conducting research on bats. During those visits we got a presentation and then were able to talk and ask the questions we wanted to ask. But we haven’t had a chance to refer to any documents at all.”

Finally, the scientist pointed out that there are no bats living in the wild in the Wuhan area, and that laboratory workers are the only people likely to come into contact with bats suspected of carrying the virus that caused SARS Cove 2.

WHO urges release of ‘all data’

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The World Health Organization confirmed, Thursday, that it needed “all the data” about Covid-19 to investigate the hypothesis that the virus escaped from a laboratory in China. She urged all countries, including China, to share data on the first cases.

“To investigate the ‘lab leak hypothesis’, it is important to access all the data, use the best scientific methods and review the mechanisms already established by the WHO,” the WHO said in a statement. China earlier indicated that the World Health Organization is under political pressure due to its studies on the origins of the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization stresses that it is “vital” to know how the epidemic began. Based on what we have already discovered, the next round of studies will include evaluating preliminary data for the first cases and the first possible cases in 2019, the organization said.