May 28, 2024

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The city bans magpies from diving after the death of five million...

The city bans magpies from diving after the death of five million…

The Australian city of Brisbane is battling what it calls “dangerous diving birds” after an indirect attack by a magpie killed a five-month-old girl.

GVSource: daily Mail

Baby Mia died of a fatal head injury in early August when her mother tripped and fell while trying to escape from a magpie in downtown Glendman Park. These bird species had reportedly been making Brisbane’s gardens unsafe for some time: In the weeks and months leading up to the tragic accident, there were already five similar attacks in the same place. “Some people believe that such diving behavior is a normal reaction,” the city report said. “But in urban areas like parks and streets, we have to put people first.”

After an investigation by the city, it is now decided to hunt down the birds from the center of Brisbane. Experts will come to the scene and look for aggressive birds that need to be transported. “This will happen whenever a bird exhibits dangerous behaviour, and it is not practically feasible to make the bird’s grounds inaccessible to the public,” Brisbane City Council said on Tuesday. The city will also post highly visible warning signs.

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