May 26, 2024

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The classic Quake is getting a little paint for a birthday

The classic Quake is getting a little paint for a birthday

The announcement came during QuakeCon, the annual fan conference of the classic shooter game. Released in the mid-1990s as a follow-up to the legendary shooter game Doom, Quake has become particularly famous for its powerful multiplayer features.

MachineGames, which now owns the rights to Doom and Wolfenstein, and the original Creator ID software, has updated the game for all display resolutions up to 4K. Lighting, 3D models, and other graphic systems have also been completely overhauled.

There are local and online multiplayer options in the game. The latter is platform-agnostic: if you play on PlayStation, you can also play against players on Xbox, PC, or Nintendo Switch.

Expansion Packs

The game includes the two original expansion packs, the sequel “Dimension of the Past” and the new expansion, “Dimension of the Machine”. This new version of Quake is now on sale for €10 for PC, Xbox, modern PlayStations and Nintendo Switch. If you already have Quake in your Steam library, you will get the upgraded version for free.

A few years ago, the successor Quake II also got an upgrade. The main goal of this re-release was to showcase the new ray tracing technology for NVIDIA graphics cards. Quake II RTX is still free to download.

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