April 16, 2024

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The clothing store has to change its name after a complaint from Ms. Bell...

The clothing store has to change its name after a complaint from Ms. Bell…

Former Miss Belgium Cilou Annys has done her best: the clothing store “Cilou Store” in Knokke-Heist will have to change its name. © rr

Knokke-Heist / Bruges

A brand-new clothing store in Knokke-Heist has to change its name after former Miss Belgium Cilou Annys filed a complaint. The store was called Cilou Store and looks a lot like Cilou Babystore, the same Flemish beauty baby store in Bruges. The judge ruled the case in favor of Cilou Annys and imposed a fine of 1,000 euros per day on the new store.

Tim Leskraut

The Cilou store in Kustlaan in Knokke-Heist has been given 45 days by a company judge to change its name. According to the judge, it looks like the Cilou Babystore in Bruges. “There is certainly confusion,” the verdict read. “At least it looks like the existing store has launched a second concept with this new name.”

If the business manager does not change the name within the specified period, you will face a compensation of €1,000 per day. This can be up to a maximum of 10,000 euros.

Congratulations on the ‘new store’

This is how former Miss Belgium Selo Anis gets her legal battle at home. She has been running her own Cilou Babystore along Maalse Steenweg in Bruges for several years. But she was surprised when, at the beginning of July, she suddenly received congratulations from different angles. They all had something to do with the opening of her new store in Knokke-Heist. “But I’ve never opened a new store,” Sello says. “It soon became clear what exactly was going on.”

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A new clothing store has opened in Kustlaan in Knokke-Heist. It was called the Cilou Store and it mainly focuses on women’s clothing. “The choice of name is amazing to say the least. Since the business manager is not called ‘Cielo’ at all,” says Jan Verlaine, the attorney who hired Cielo Anis. We officially announced them for default, but there was no response. So we had no choice but to go to court.”

Famous since the beauty pageant

The new store in Knokke stated that “Cilou” was the generally accepted first name and that Knokke was far enough from Bruges that one would not object to each other. But the judge ignored these arguments.

Striking: The judge referred to the title of Miss Belgium, which Selo Annes achieved in 2010. “The statistics seem to indicate that the use of the name has increased since 2010, the year she became Miss Belgium.” The judge also found that the distance between Knokke and Bruges was too small to support the second argument.