February 28, 2024

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The community space of Mortsel Village comes in Kaleidoscope (Mortsel)

The accommodations at the Kaleidoscope can be used both in winter and summer.

The accommodations at the Kaleidoscope can be used both in winter and summer. © Kaleidoscope

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The City of Mortsel has partnered with the Kaleidoscope Arts Center to develop a new community space for Mortsel-dorp. This should become a replacement for Lepelhof.

Philip Spoilers

Eight years ago, the Lepelhof parish center in Mortsel-dorp closed. In partnership with Thuishaven Ritmica, De Ideale Woning plans to build a new building with apartments and social apartments for adults with intellectual disabilities.

The associations from the Lepelhof found new accommodations, but the demand for a common space continued to be heard. Together with De Ideale Woning, the city council investigated whether this space could be incorporated into the new building. Those intentions fail, making Kaleidoscope the answer.


For the new owners of the arts center, the collaboration is an important step to further establish themselves in the neighborhood. Kaleidoscope is about encounters between artists, performers and audiences, and between professionals and enthusiasts. But also about a social and cultural encounter. Collaborating with Mortsel can ensure that more Mortselaars will find their way to Kaleidoscoop,” says Gilty van Roy of Kaleidoscoop.

Mayor Eric Brooks (N-VA) is satisfied. “Kaleidoscoop has not only a multi-purpose room with a bar, but also studios for meeting or training rooms. It has been a well-known and bustling place in Mortsel for years, where people meet in a relaxed leisure atmosphere. An ideal place for the neighborhood, because it seems that all special conditions have been met community space right away,” says Mayor Eric Brooks.

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Mortsel Local Council will discuss the needs of local residents in order to see how these needs are met in the current offering, along with the Kaleidoscope.