April 16, 2024

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The end of the gasoline engine is approaching in America as well

The end of the gasoline engine is approaching in America as well

California leads the way in the US when it comes to sustainability. There they recently decided on 2035. As here, Ban on sale of new fuel cars. Shortly after, grid operators sent out a request to EV drivers not to charge on busy weekends because the electricity grid couldn’t handle it. Fortunately, we still have more than ten years to organize everything.

Following California’s decision, 17 states have indicated they are considering such action Associated Press. There are a total of 50 states in the United States, each drawing their own plan when it comes to sustainability rules. Washington, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Vermont are likely to ban gasoline cars by 2035.

Other states are adding AP Must have other plans. For example, in Minnesota, they want to lower the price of all options so consumers can choose what they drive. In Colorado, they don’t know if 100 percent electric driving is the right way to solve all the problems. Cooler states are more reserved about the range. In California, that’s less of a problem.

2035 is still a long way off

Advances in the field of electric propulsion follow one another in rapid succession. In the cold the range will only increase and the costs will decrease. Who knows, other states will lend a hand. A pity, because the gasoline V8 is an important part of American heritage. On the other hand, there will be enough V8 engines in circulation in 2035 that they won’t disappear.