March 2, 2024

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The EU and the US will cooperate more closely on cyber security

The EU and the US will cooperate more closely on cyber security

ENISA concludes a cooperation agreement with the US CISA. Collaboration involves sharing knowledge, best practices and developing common skills.

ENISA, the European Union’s umbrella cyber security agency, announces A press release Cooperation with its US counterpart CISA. Europe and the US have been allies on the digital scene for some time now, and now that cooperation has also been formally put on paper. The agreement between ENISA and CISA includes three elements:

  • Awareness raising and capacity building to improve cyberspace resilience.
  • Exchange of best practices related to the practical implementation of international cyber law.
  • Systematically share knowledge and information to increase common situational awareness.

Cyber ​​security knows no boundaries

Closer cooperation between the EU and the US on cyber security is urgently needed, explains the ENISA press release. State-sponsored cyberattacks have become commonplace and cybercrime is often a reflection of geopolitical ties. ENISA must therefore choose its partners carefully and in CISA it will find a like-minded partner.

“Cyber ​​threats know no boundaries. That is why international cooperation with our partners is essential. The working agreement between ENISA and CISA is an important outcome of the Internet dialogue between the EU and the US. This will allow us to effectively combat the increasing cyber security threats we face,” said Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Security Policy (PSOE, Spain).

Same goals, different vision

Although the EU and the US have been on the same side of history for decades, they have fundamentally different views on some issues. For example, we think about data privacy very differently in Europe than on the other side of the Atlantic. It will be interesting to see how different views can be reconciled into a unified, international approach.

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