February 2, 2023

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The European Commission completes the ninth package of sanctions against Russia |  Ukraine and Russia war

The European Commission completes the ninth package of sanctions against Russia | Ukraine and Russia war

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen today introduced a new set of sanctions against Russia. For example, it proposes to add the Russian Armed Forces and three banks to the European sanctions list.

According to von der Leyen, this ninth package of sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine will increase pressure on Moscow.

For example, you want to expand the list of penalties with another list 200 individuals and entitiesfrom the Russian Armed Forces to personnel officers to ministers and parliamentarians.

‘More ATM paralysis’

And in order to “paralyze Putin’s monetary machine further,” the commission also wants to introduce sanctions against it Three more Russian banks. They aim, among other things, to impose a complete ban on transactions of the Russian Regional Development Bank.

As you want the Russian commission Unmanned access Reduction. It proposes banning the direct export of drone engines. Not only to Russia, but also to third countries such as Iran, which can supply the Russian army with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Plus it contains the ninth package More export restrictions For goods that “the Russian war machine could use,” such as chemical products and IT parts.

energy sector

There are also new actions against the Russians energy sector In the pipeline, including the ban on investment in mines in Russia.

Finally, the commission also wants additional action against “the Russians.” advertising machineShe suggests removing four more channels of air.

Member states must agree to sanctions unanimously.

a look. It seems that international sanctions are having an effect, and this is gradually turning into Russian propaganda on state television: “All we have is Western.”

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