October 3, 2022

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The federal government grants 38 million euros to help Ukraine |  interior

The federal government grants 38 million euros to help Ukraine | interior

The Federal Government provides over €38 million for various initiatives related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Cabinet gave the go-ahead for that on Friday. The money comes from an allocation of €800 million that was set aside during Ukraine’s latest budget review.

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In total, this relates to 38,058,322 euros. Spending is necessary to meet a number of international commitments, apparently in a press release issued by the services of Prime Minister Alexandre de Croo.

These include support measures for the European Peace Facility, a financing instrument that the EU can use in the event of conflict, with a budget of €5 billion until 2027.
In addition, Belgium makes an additional financial contribution to the Council of Europe, which has been losing income since Russia was excluded from the organization due to aggression in Ukraine.

Finally, our country is making a voluntary contribution to six international initiatives to strengthen the rule of law, human rights and international humanitarian law. These include projects from the United Nations and UNICEF.

The Federal Cabinet also officially gave the green light on Friday to reopen the Belgian embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. This happens on July 11th. Prime Minister Alexander de Croo met the new Belgian ambassador to Kyiv, Peter van de Velde, on Thursday.