April 21, 2024

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The fiancée of the missing American influencer now has...

The fiancée of the missing American influencer now has…

A notable development in the Gabby Petito disappearance case: Brian Laundrie, the influencer’s 22-year-old fiancé and YouTube star, is also now missing.

Brian Laundry (23 years old) and Gabe Pettito (Gappetito on Instagram) have been dating for a while and have even been planning a wedding. But first they wanted to go on a road trip across the United States. “Because you really know each other on this long journey,” they told friends before they left.

At first, everything was fine, as evidenced by the YouTube videos they created, but as the journey progressed, the couple began to argue a lot. On August 12, police in Moab, Utah, were forced to intervene. Camera footage, released by police, shows an officer pulling the couple’s truck on August 12 after they drove over speed. Petito can then be seen getting upset when the agent tries to approach him. Pettito admitted that she responded violently because she suffers from OCD, and that their fight began after Laundry got into the truck with dirty shoes.

However, after a night of sleeping alone, the couple were allowed to continue on their way. The anger seemed to cool off.

But a few weeks later, on September 1, Brian Laundry returns home to Florida. without his girlfriend. Although she called her parents several times during the trip, there was no trace of Petito. A few days after Laundry returned, her parents reported her missing. Laundry was questioned several times about his girlfriend’s disappearance, but he always refused to cooperate with the investigation. Although Laundry’s lawyer claimed that his client was silent “at his request,” the young man only raised his suspicions in the eyes of the investigators.

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“We are asking everyone, including Brian, to share information about her whereabouts in recent weeks,” North Port Police Chief Todd Garrison said at the time. “Brian’s lack of information is hampering our investigation, but the answers will eventually emerge.”

And now Laundry herself appears to have been missing for four days, according to a US media report. The police thought he was staying with his parents, but that turned out not to be true. He is presumed to have escaped. “Another development in the story,” police spokesman Josh Taylor said.

The FBI actually searched the boy’s parents’ home and took some items.

In CNN The missing girl’s stepfather says he doesn’t know anymore what to believe about the whole case and the behavior of Brian Laundry’s family. According to the Petito family, Laundrie is not really missing, but in hiding.