February 1, 2023

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The first missile launch in Western Europe can be seen from the Netherlands | Technique

The missile is usually launched from a known launch site such as Cape Canaveral (USA), Baikonur (Kazakhstan) or Kourou (French Guiana). On Monday it will be Western Europe’s turn for the first time. The satellites are being launched south of Ireland, over the Atlantic Ocean. Its glow can also be seen from the Netherlands, by looking to the southwest.

The mission is being carried out by Virgin Orbit, the space company owned by businessman Richard Branson. With another company, Virgin Galactic, he is trying to sell space tourism. During this flight, the astronauts are in a vehicle suspended under an aircraft. They take off together, and the spacecraft drops into the air. Then the rocket engines are turned on and the launch begins.

This is how the first satellite launches should take place on Monday. A Boeing 747 called Cosmic Girl should take off in the southwest of England around 23:16 (Netherlands time). Over the Atlantic, he was to launch the LauncherOne rocket. It might happen in the middle of the night. Then the missile heads south towards Spain and Portugal. LauncherOne contains nine satellites of seven clients. This payload must be delivered to Earth orbit.

Zeelanders should be the first to see the launch. About five minutes into the mission, the missile should appear over the horizon there. In the next few minutes, the rest of the country should also be able to get a view of the launch, as long as clouds and tall buildings don’t get in the way.

This task is called start me upRolling Stones song. The band has released albums in the past on Branson’s record label, Virgin Records.

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