February 26, 2024

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The first OnePlus 12 specifications have appeared

The first OnePlus 12 specifications have appeared

The supposed specifications of the OnePlus 12 have surfaced online. The successor to the OnePlus 11, which will be announced later this year, will include a better camera and a more powerful processor.

Later this year, OnePlus will introduce the OnePlus 12 to the Chinese market. In Europe, we will probably have to wait until next year. However, the smartphone is already appearing in the rumor circle. According to the source Yogesh Brar The OnePlus 12 has, among other things, the as yet unannounced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (SM8650) processor from Qualcomm. The QHD OLED screen is said to be 6.7 inches in size and has a 120Hz refresh rate. The smartphone houses a 5,000mAh battery with support for 100W fast charging.

The rear camera likely consists of three lenses, including a 50MP main lens, a 50MP wide-angle lens, and a 64MP periscope lens that allows you to zoom in without losing quality. How far you can zoom is still not clear.

Since the official introduction is still far away, it is likely that OnePlus will change some details. In addition, we always recommend that you always take the rumors about smartphones that have been announced for a long time with a grain of salt.

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