April 21, 2024

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The Floating Solar Park in Beilin was opened and opened –

Thursday is the solar park floating on the sand in winplas belin It opened festively with a token press of the start button. Among others, they were the municipality of Maiden Drenthe, the province of Drenthe, the owner of Bugle Infrastructure, the Drenz Overijsselsee Delta Water Board, the cooperative energy company Project de Mussels and developer GroenLeven. The park was technically commissioned in April of this year and now provides green electricity to a third of the homes in the municipality of Maiden Drenthe.

With a contribution to the community, the floating solar garden serves as an edge to other forms of sustainability. photo via: reimert-almere.nl

Solar Park Beilin

For the municipality of Midden-Drenthe, the arrival of the solar park means an important contribution to sustainable goals. Alderman Jan Schipper: “In addition to making an important contribution to our sustainable goals, it is important to us that residents benefit from the solar park and this space is used carefully. When creating a solar park, we strive for local ownership, or a deposit into the area fund. With this In this way, the residents directly or indirectly benefit from a solar garden close to them. The solar garden developed by GroenLeven on a sand mining lake meets all these requirements. So we are very happy with that!”

Use the same space in multiple ways

The province is also satisfied with the region’s new source of green energy. Drenthe County Deputy Tjisse Stelpstra: “This solar park is a good example of how the same space can be used in so many ways. We love to see that in Drenthe. I also think it’s great that everyone in the area can participate and benefit from the proceeds of the solar park. The way energy transfer is formed With each other and for each other. “

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Accurate and sustainable use of space

By installing solar panels on sand mining pools, we can use scarce spaces to generate energy in an accurate and efficient manner. During the design and realization, much attention was paid to nature in the water and on the banks, in consultation with experts such as the Water Council experts and Deltaris. For example, the solar system allows enough light and air to pass through, is located at a large distance from the shore, and is firmly anchored at the bottom of the lake.

social benefits

In addition to energy, the solar garden also provides social benefits. With a contribution to the community, the floating solar garden serves as an edge to other forms of sustainability. During the investigation, for example, there was a buying campaign for locals that gave them a discount on solar panels and a reflector for their roof. Various local entities have been deployed to build the solar park.

It is also being investigated whether the floating solar park can be transferred to local hands. Marek Hoekstra, project developer GroenLeven: “We have been talking to various parties about this since the summer of 2020.” For this exploration, the Delta Water Board Drents Overijsselse and the collaborative energy project Project de Mussels sit down with GroenLeven.

Marion Fichard, Director of the Delta Water Board Drents Overijsselse:

“As Drents Overijsselse Delta Water Board, we want to do our part in mitigating climate change. We believe it is important to contribute proactively. We prefer doing it this way: supporting local initiatives that directly benefit the local community in our area. We are very pleased with this collaboration. It is intended that we as a Water Council will soon be able to achieve this. We are also making a significant contribution to achieving our goal of being an Energy Neutral Water Council by 2025.”

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Local: Keeping Energy and Money Flowing in the Central Drenthe

The De-Bassel Energy Cooperative Project is also positive about the developments. Case Kwik: “De Mussels was founded by local energy cooperatives in the municipality of Midden-Drenthe. By allowing residents and businesses in Midden-Drenthe to use sustainable energy, you create an energy cycle. Combined with maximum participation and ownership by residents and businesses, the This ensures support and participation. Local energy cooperatives work together to operate the solar park in De Blissell, thus maintaining energy and cash flows in the Maiden Drenthe.”

Source: groenleven.nl