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The ‘friendship zone’ between Lin and Martin has grown into a relationship: ‘I choose him every morning’ | the spark

Martin works as a fitness trainer at the store where Lane trains. Their first meeting was as cliched as possible and five months later the first kiss followed, even though Lane thought she was in the friend zone. The relationship isn’t clear then, no matter how much the couple loves. “Well, as a fitness instructor you have a certain charisma.”

Every love story has a beginning. strong click. First kiss. connection will not escape. In this column, readers tell us about the spark that lit their flame.

flexible: “Martin was a fitness instructor where I trained. I didn’t realize he worked there at first, until I tried another class and saw he was the coach. Embarrassment!”

Martin: “We made calls during a group class, and soon after that we started seeing each other outside the gym. Almost every night we went for a walk and gave some dating advice.”

Martin: “I thought it was nice for Lynn to be so shy. On top of that, she has beautiful hair and always has something useful to say.”

flexible: “Martin was very confident, which I found attractive. He made me feel comfortable.”

flexible: “My date was canceled at the last minute, so Martin and I ended up at the cinema together. Happy accident.”

Martin: “When her date deserted her, I canceled my appointment to go to Kingsman: The Golden Circle Togo.”

Martin: “It came when we had known each other for about five months. It just happened spontaneously.”

flexible: “I wasn’t even expecting it. Martin once introduced me to his sister, so I was convinced I was in the friend zone and didn’t want to risk our friendship. Although it was unexpected, it was a very pleasant surprise.”

flexible: When I met Martin Tomorrowland By my visit, I had a very warm feeling.”

Martin: “After a while I realized that I don’t have a normal friendship with her. Other girls no longer have interest. I just wanted Lynn.”

Martin: “As a fitness instructor, you are way like a skate coach, you have a certain charisma. When Lane’s training period abroad separated us for several months, I had my doubts. We had to pick up the string again to get back to the same wavelength.”

flexible: “No doubt an argument because of the distance between us after our internship in South Africa. If you have to part with each other for three months as a young couple, that’s tough, especially with pirates on the coast. Once Martin and I were reunited, we had to find each other again.” This has gone through trial and error.

flexible: “Martin and I have overcome many obstacles together, which makes us stronger on our own. After nearly five years I am still happy that he accepted me and that our friendship has developed into a relationship. I don’t take Martin for granted. On the contrary, I choose him every morning” .

Martin: “As we are today, I draw ‘eternal and forever’ with Lynn. We are strong in communication, although there is nothing to be said to understand each other.”

Martin: “The more we self-develop, the smoother our relationship will be. We are both ready to start having children, but we are still in the middle of renovating our house. Once that is at all possible, it won’t be long to expand the family.”

flexible: “In the near future I hope to get married and have a family, and above all to have a perfectly renovated house. Especially the last one. (Laugh) “

Martin and Lynn.

Martin and Lynn. © Pieter-Jan Vanstockstraeten

• Lynn Vleugels (30 years old) is a cruise specialist at Footprints Luxury Cruises.

• Martin Van Wallendael (27 years old) works as a group manager for the two branches of NRG Fitness.

• The couple lives in SHIELD.

• Martin worked as a fitness trainer at the store where Lynn trained. The two became friends and each offered dating advice, until Martin ended up in the friend zone by kissing Lynn unexpectedly. “Our environment saw it coming from afar, but we didn’t realize we loved each other.”

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