May 28, 2024

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The governor nominates Figo for the post of Spanish Prime Minister, but does Parliament agree too?

The governor nominates Figo for the post of Spanish Prime Minister, but does Parliament agree too?

Figo responded on X, previously Twitter, on Tuesday evening: “We will give voice to more than 11 million citizens who want change, stability and moderation with a government that defends the equality of all Spaniards.” Before that can happen, he must first survive a vote in the Cortes, Spain’s parliament. Figo will not be allowed to form a government unless 176 out of 350 deputies support his premiership, or if he gets more votes in favor than votes in the second round of voting.

The election results immediately showed that a complex political conundrum awaited Spain. The Figo People’s Party (PP) won the most seats, 136, but the intended coalition partner’s result was disappointing. And while the People’s Party has made huge gains compared to four years ago, the right-wing populist Vox has lost a lot. Together, the parties hold seven seats less than an absolute majority in the Cortes.

In order for the parties to form a minority government, they had to seek support from the smaller regional parties. According to Reuters news agency, the left-wing coalition can now count on 172 votes. More of that seems impossible because most parties have ruled out cooperating with Vox, but Spanish King Felipe, who made the decision to nominate Figo on the basis of discussions with various party leaders, seems to see possibilities.

Sanchez smells his chance

If Figo fails to overcome this hurdle, current Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will return to the picture. The centre-left Socialist Labor Party won 122, or 153, including the Radical Left Party’s 31 seats. Although the left-wing minority government is much better with the regional parties, it is not yet certain for Sanchez whether he will survive the Cortes vote.

It is likely that it will head to a second round of voting, which Sanchez could win if deputies from Gones Per Catalunya, Carles Puigdemont’s separatist party, abstain from voting. Gantz made impossible demands, but last week he helped a member of Sanchez’s party win the speakership. On Tuesday, before Figo’s candidacy was announced, Sanchez said his party had managed to “mobilize the necessary parliamentary support” to form a government.

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