May 27, 2024

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Alleenstaande zal capaciteitstarief voelen in portemonnee, de Tesla-rijder doet goede zaak

The individual will feel the rate of capacity in the wallet, …

The new capacity tariff, which will partially determine the electricity bill from July 1 next year, has consequences for different types of consumers. While the single person in their apartment will see the bill rise, a Tesla owner can save a lot.

Flemish energy regulator Vreg will launch a simulator on Thursday that will allow families to calculate the impact of the new capacity tariffs. So part of the electric bill will be calculated differently. The goal is to avoid peak periods on the grid by encouraging consumers to spread the consumption of heavy appliances – heat pump and electric car. After all, by spreading consumption, they can save. This will be done by measuring the peak consumption, which is possible only with digital meters. Consumers who use a traditional counter pay a fixed amount.

What does the emulator show? NS average family (Consumption of 3,500 kWh per year) will change to almost nil in 2022 compared to 2021 (taking into account the same electricity prices). This is the case with both digital and classic scale.

Who will feel the average The only person who lives in an apartment. According to the simulator, such a small energy consumer (1500 kWh) will see a high electric bill of about 50 euros in the case of a classic meter. With a digital counter, the additional cost is limited to 16 euros.

that family with electric car And the traditional counter will see the bill drop significantly in 2022: an average of 170 euros. With the digital meter, their bill depends on the spread of consumption. If they charge the car at peak times (in the evening after the working day), the bill can increase by 100 euros. However, if they charge when consumption is low (eg at night), they can reduce the electricity bill by an average of 115 euros. If they invest in a smart charging station, with low-energy gradient charging and directed at other home appliances, the savings can be up to €224.

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same story for Families with a heat pump. Their electricity bill will go down with the new prices for the traditional meter. With the digital counter, the invoice amount depends on the spread.

Will the new prices also appear in the wallet: second residence. Under the new rates, they also pay a minimum contribution, even if there is little or no consumption. With the classic counter, the bill can increase by an average of 127 euros, with a digital scale averaging 66 euros.