March 5, 2024

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The last person standing on November 5 wins

The last person standing on November 5 wins

Mark Konen is a columnist.

Mark Konen

Honestly: What would we be without Donald Trump? He is a source of fun and amusement, but at the same time consternation and horror: rarely has the jury been more divided on one person. Thanks to Trump, life is finally simple: You're either for or against.

If the conversation around the fireplace has died down because there is nothing to talk about except the cold outside, mentioning the man's name is good to revive the atmosphere. Dad uncorks a new bottle, the family bag of chips is placed on the table, and we sit down to enjoy it. A fool, a whiner or a god-sent: Views on man vary considerably, but we all have an opinion about him.

He normalized the abnormal. Even if, like Caligula, he nominated an MDMA-addicted horse for vice-presidential candidacy: Americans would love it. He is adored by many who believe that the rogue lover will make all their worries disappear: the hard core of his followers is no accident. worship.

Trump takes Jesus' journey from Pilate's palace to Golgotha, where he would eventually be crucified, in reverse, toward the White House. None of his countless cases harmed him, each conviction a victory for the mill of his fanatical followers.

People have already discussed this at length during his first presidency Revenge of the wicked: Laughed at by the wealthy on both coasts, they see Trump as the ultimate avenging angel who will give them with biblical severity what they are entitled to and have been denied for so long. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and Joe Biden became an actor because the real Joe Biden is long dead.

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Everyone has forgotten that Trump's first visit to the White House was a series of catcalls and bad theater. He is, in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, beyond all good and evil and reclaims his place on the throne. He is the most fascinating phenomenon American politics has ever produced. In America, which still considers itself the world's greatest power, the battle for the presidency is between two old men: the last man standing wins on November 5.

The question is whether democracy is at stake, but what is certain is that the road to those elections is a grueling road trip as we watch with a smile.