November 29, 2023

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“The latest mutations are included”: a site that sells Corona ...

“The latest mutations are included”: a site that sells Corona …

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In the Netherlands, there has been a website on the Internet for a while where you can order a corona kit for 33.50 euros, which you can hit yourself with. Objective: to obtain a recovery certificate. The site has since been taken offline.

Source: telegraph

“The virus you are receiving is less than three months old, so you can be sure to include the latest mutations and variants as well,” Unidentified Initiators report on the site. The inspection body checks whether follow-up steps are necessary and any follow-up steps are necessary. The site has since been taken offline.

“Whether it’s true or not, you shouldn’t want to,” spokeswoman Margaret Fernhout said. “Coronavirus is dangerous. It can make you seriously ill. And you can transmit the infection to others, who in turn can become seriously ill. Anyone who intentionally infects himself puts public health at risk,” the inspectorate said.

Inspector General Marina Ekenhausen: “While everywhere in health care is working hard to help Covid patients and all other patients, there seem to be organizations that consciously want to spread the virus further. From a year and a half. And of course also for the relatives of people who have lost their lives due to the Corona virus.”

According to Farnhout, the warning is also directed at those infected with the Corona virus. “The same goes for other ways that people intentionally expose themselves to the virus.”