April 16, 2024

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“The model is sure to be very popular among males and show-offs.”

“The model is sure to be very popular among males and show-offs.”

What makes Cybertruck so special?

“The car is made of stainless steel and of course it looks very unusual, but Tesla makes the difference with the engine. In a video played during the presentation, the most expensive model of the pickup was faster than a Porsche 911 sports car. You can also charge electric cars or other devices by bike Motorcycles. If the power goes out in your house, a car can take care of it. Not everyone can benefit from this right away. According to Tesla, there are two million pre-orders for the aerodynamic pickup, but the company has now only completed dozens of orders. According to Elon Musk, it will be manufactured Just 250,000 examples a year by 2025. By this logic, if you order now, you’ll have to wait eight years to get your car.

The Cybertruck was already announced in 2019. Why was production delayed?

“Meanwhile, Ford and Polestar have already released their own electric pickup models, but these cars have a fairly classic chassis with a battery pack. Tesla wanted to start completely with a clean sheet of paper, and that simply takes more time. It also had to be a Cybertruck An off-road vehicle and the company did not have much experience with it. Building a small car is different from designing a classic car. American car magazines are now also reporting that the model will be somewhat disappointing in this area. It appears to be a sports car that achieves better results on the road and is not intended For off-road work.

Tony Verheli. “According to Tesla, there are two million pre-orders for the Air pickup, but the company has only completed a dozen orders now.”Photo by Tony Verheli

The cheapest model has a limited range of 400km and still costs $60,990. Who is CyberTruck intended for?

“I don’t think Tesla is targeting people who need a pickup truck for work. The company mainly wants to reach the trendsetters. Many enthusiasts now own a Dodge Ram, but now have to pay higher taxes for it in Belgium. Since this year, they have also Road tax for these vans is calculated based on engine capacity and CO2 emissions2emissions. For people who own such a vehicle, Cybertruck can be a good alternative. Then you pay less in taxes, but still have an impressive appearance on the road.

“We have to drive it first to be sure, but I’m afraid the Cybertruck will exceed its target. It’s not clear whether it’s a truck or a sports car. But this model will definitely appeal to males and VIPs who want to drive it.

The Cybertruck is not a truck, as its name suggests. Where is the electric truck production sector?

“With the Semi, Tesla has launched an electric truck with an estimated range of 800 kilometers. Production is slow, although companies like Volvo and Mercedes are also working on it. One of the main challenges facing electric freight transportation is the necessity of having sufficient fast charging points. A fast charger for a car can Medium can charge up to 250 kilowatt-hours, and as for trucks, there are experiments to which additional megawatt-hours can be added. How quickly the charging sector chooses electric models depends partly on whether there are more subsidies available. For now, I think that Transport of small goods in particular will opt for this.Due to the low emission areas, it is difficult to reach Last mile delivery We still have to get to the city.”

What role will Tesla play in the electrification of the sector?

“The company has liberated the automotive world from a state of lethargy and continues to play a pioneering role. However, I have noticed that China, for example, is more focused on electric cars, and that Europe is also keen to fill the gap. So it will be exciting. And since Tesla Involved in a price war in those countries, it means that the company realizes that competition is becoming increasingly difficult.

“If we look specifically at pickups, I don’t think these cars will appear in large quantities in Europe any time soon. They are particularly successful in North America, where people often travel long distances and move around a lot. These cars are too big for our narrow roads.” increasingly.

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