July 25, 2024

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The moon as a “gas station” for space?

The moon as a “gas station” for space?

The moon is the closest celestial body and many raw materials such as helium, rare metals and water can be found there. “In the short term, you can make rocket fuel from hydrogen and you can easily launch it at the moon, because there is little gravity,” van Heemstra explains. “So the Moon is seen as a kind of starting point for further missions. The solar system is like a gas station on the way to Mars.”

Capitalist clock

Furthermore, “settlements” could be built, allowing the space industry to develop, says van Heemstra. Time is also an important issue. “The moon was our first watch,” van Heemstra says.

“It was really this chronometer that determined when we would reap and sow, and the moon is very important in ceremonies of many spiritual traditions,” continues the theatremaker. “So we have always looked to the moon in our time. Now the moon must correspond to the capitalist age.”

Atomic time

But our “private” time at present is moving in this direction. “You really shouldn’t synchronize moon time with Earth time, because you’ll get into trouble somewhere.” That’s why there should be “atomic clocks.” “It’s basically that the moon has to adapt to us. That’s of course the whole capitalist idea, that the world is there to be used.”

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