March 2, 2024

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The mystery of flat tires in an Italian mountain village was solved after months  strange

The mystery of flat tires in an Italian mountain village was solved after months strange

He was not a butler. They certainly know that now in the Italian mountain village of Vastogerardi, where everyone knows each other. For several months, some cars have been suffering from flat tires. Reason: unknown. So far.

In July, the first cars broke tires in Vastogerardi, an Italian village in the Molise region with a population of about 600. The targeted cars were parked near the historic center. Some cars have been handled multiple times. This raised suspicion that mutual differences would be the explanation. Mafia-like intimidation has even been considered.

At the end of October, four new cases of broken tires were reported. The police then decided to conduct a plainclothes patrol to arrest the perpetrator. Next step: surveillance cameras. Last week, the perpetrator was finally found: it was Billy the dog. The four-legged friend lives not far from the parking spot and was caught red-handed by cameras.

“It was really a mystery,” said Remo Scuccira, acting mayor of Vastogerardi. “We couldn’t find out who would cut the tires next, or what the motive was. This is a quiet village. We knew it couldn’t be anyone from outside as we are always looking for any suspicious movements.

Scucera added that the situation was frustrating and costly for car owners, especially those who had been victims multiple times. “It has really become a problem. People are no longer able to drive to work because of a flat tire. Fortunately, it has now been cleared and the culprit has been found to be no one from the village.

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According to the vet, Billy’s strange behavior may be due to a serious gum infection. To relieve the pain, the dog is said to bite the tire.

Police have not yet completed the investigation, but Billy’s owner will in principle have to pay for the damaged tyres. It’s about a woman whose car was also damaged by Billy.