February 21, 2024

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The new hermit |  ImageCasa

The new hermit | ImageCasa

We previously wrote about a project by creative Chinese designer Wen Chao from Jade Simple Design. He then created a visual experience where most of the materials in the room were unified, giving a very serene impression. This time we take you to a simple and delicate project in Chongqing, China’s most populous municipality.

Design firm Jade Simple Design describes their latest project as “The New Hermit: Restricted and Sensitive Everyday Life”. Twelve years ago, the owner bought this house located at the foot of Nanshan Mountain in Chongqing. Soon the city developed into a vibrant and unusual city of Internet celebrities, which the locals did not like. They want to enjoy the peace of life more. That’s why the agency considers their lives “new loners.” The goal here is not an escape from real life, but a self-proclaimed way to find a life situation that works for you and where you can fully enjoy the relationship between life, work, and society.

Similar to controlled and sensitive everyday life.

The modern wabi sabi design style is fully translated in this design. As time grows, the beauty of simplicity and tranquility lies in the imperfections. Designer Chao builds the architectural space in a simple, calm and easy to inhabit spatial state. The interior space thus acquired a natural symbiosis thanks to the green plants outside and the alternating weather of sunshine and rain. Elements such as paint, wood, and cement are part of the building’s foundation. In addition, artwork, furniture, and utensils give value to the space and embody quality. Here the wabi sabi appears not only as a peaceful retreat but also as a real life attitude. With this design, Jade Simple Design hopes to provide the owner with a very comfortable experience by creating an atmosphere in the space. This very relaxing experience stems from three aspects. One is the use of wabi-sabi to give the space an overall visual atmosphere experience. The second is to reach a very comfortable state through touch. Therefore, when choosing furniture, the principles of softness, naturalness, gloss and low saturation should be followed. Third, having a rich living experience at a relatively low cost is also an extreme psychological relief. The result was a well-thought-out balance of visibility, atmosphere, value, comfort, and input and output. Finally, this balance will also provide a perfect living experience for the owners. Imagicasa believes Jade Simple Design has succeeded in its purpose. Photo by Xinghao Liu from INSPACE Photography

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