May 26, 2024

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The new iPad Mini has nothing to fear from Android tablets

The new iPad Mini has nothing to fear from Android tablets

With the new iPad mini 2021, Apple is introducing a small and premium tablet that Android tablet manufacturers don’t answer. In this opinion, editor Rens explains why the new iPad doesn’t fear competition from an Android angle.

Read on after the announcement.

Announcing the new iPad mini

2021 edition of iPad mini is officially introduced It will go on sale from September 24. Apple’s smallest tablet gets a new design, improved specifications, and the latest version of iPadOS. With a starting price of 559 euros, it is certainly not cheap, but it is an option for those looking for a small and premium tablet.

that iPad mini 2021 One obvious choice is partly because Android tablet manufacturers don’t offer serious alternatives. Both in terms of hardware and software (support), the iPad mini is head and shoulders above the rest. I would like to explain to you why.

Full set of specifications

The new 2021 iPad mini features a modern design with a sharp 8.3-inch screen, a wide-angle selfie camera that follows you for professional video clips and the same processor as iPhone 13-Series. The tablet is compatible with Apple’s easy-to-use Pencil, connects to peripheral devices such as the camera via the USB-C port and optionally supports fast 5G-Internet.

If you look at the range of Android tablets with a screen between 7 and 9 inches, you will find something special. The few premium models are very old and are no longer recommended. And the relatively small group of modern tablets have simple specifications.

Small Android tablets are limited

Think of an old-fashioned design, a low-resolution HD display, a simple processor, and an average selfie camera. Support for accessories and 5G is missing, the battery is charging slowly and the storage memory is limited. All this, of course, translates into the selling price: many Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite cost less than 200 euros.

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That’s a more reasonable price than the 559 euros Apple is asking for the iPad mini, but that’s not what it’s all about now. Because what if you, as an Android enthusiast, are looking for a really good tablet in a small package? In short, you’re in luck, because no Android tablet comes close to the iPad mini in terms of specs.

iPad gets longer updates

Of course this Android tablet can still come. If it does, the question is whether the manufacturer can guarantee an update policy that can match Apple’s.

Apple makes software updates available for iPads for a minimum of four years, and often five years in practice. For the new mini, this means that the tablet will receive updates up to 2025 or 2026 which close security holes and add new features. Beautiful certainty that makes the iPad suitable for years of use.

Apple iPad mini 2021

Android tablets get updates for much less time. Cheaper models should be happy with one to two years of updates. And for (large) tablets that are more or less expensive than the new iPad mini, software support usually ends after two to three years.

Anyone who’s wanted to use their tablet for years – and that’s often a good thing – benefits from software support for as long as possible. So any iPad, including the new iPad mini, is a more future-proof option than the Android tablet with the best update policy.

Android tablets have a different audience

As an Android smartphone lover and enthusiastic iPad user, it’s clear to me: Compact Android tablets are affordable and therefore great for kids and seniors. More expensive Android tablets have a larger screen and are therefore suitable for multimedia.

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Anyone looking for a small Android tablet will soon be disappointed. There is no one. Thus, the new iPad mini from Apple has nothing to fear. Will that change? I don’t think so because manufacturers haven’t paid much attention to Android tablets for years and I’m curious what you think.

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