November 30, 2023

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The next generation of phone software

The next generation of phone software

Disable the classic telephone exchange in your office.

Chat, email, video meetings: These days you’ll almost forget that you can also make traditional phone calls within your organization. Simply put, communication is something you don’t often think about, and sometimes even forget. However, phone software has evolved significantly in recent years. You no longer need to install an expensive PABX and you can also forget about the VDSL line.

Ease of use

Telsmart focuses on ease of use with its Flexy solution. The result is a clear interface that is useful to you. After installation, you can easily adjust things yourself.

Ease of use is a common thread throughout the white paper below. After all, IT has a lot on its mind today. Telephony software should not be an additional burden, which is precisely why a clear web interface is so important.

The Flexy web tool has a clear and visual GUI where you can quickly create new users, adjust the phone menu structure and customize many other details with just a few clicks. In the free TelSmart whitepaper below, you’ll discover the six most important functions that make Flexy so unique.

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