May 26, 2024

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The Queen is fed up: 'The order to make Harry and Meghan's statements...

The Queen is fed up: ‘The order to make Harry and Meghan’s statements…

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Source: the sun

The Queen has asked staff members of the British royal family to prepare a legal battle plan for the publication of Prince Harry’s memoirs. A British newspaper reported that the sun. Queen Elizabeth II could have stopped the “malignant attacks of Harry and Meghan”.

According to The Sun, an informed source revealed that Queen Elizabeth was “affected by repeated attacks” by Harry and Meghan. “Enough, that’s the feeling that lives on at the top of the British monarchy,” the source told the newspaper. “There is a limit to how much the Queen can accept. Attacks against the royal family are no longer tolerated. They are discussing legal issues.”

Last month, the royal family was shaken by the news that Harry is currently writing his memoirs. The book was due to be released next year, just in time for the Queen to celebrate her platinum birthday.


It is not yet clear what will result from the legal action. However, according to the source, a warning will be sent to the book publisher. “If someone is mentioned in the book and is directly accused of something, it could be defamation and a violation of their privacy as well. They can also claim a right of reply.”

Buckingham Palace declined to comment.


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