June 5, 2023

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The Red Dragons do not finish catching up with Portugal and also lose their second match in the European Championship |  European Volleyball Championship

The Red Dragons do not finish catching up with Portugal and also lose their second match in the European Championship | European Volleyball Championship

Belgian volleyball men were unable to beat Portugal in their second group game at the European Championship. In Krakow, the Red Dragons corrected the loss 0-2, but lost the thrilling fifth set: 23-25, 22-25, 25-20, 25-18, 13-15. Belgium, who lost to Serbia yesterday, is one point behind. All is not lost, but tomorrow Greece will have to be ruled out.

Video: Red Dragons lose to Portugal: ‘Back to the Wall’

Just like yesterday against defending champion Serbia, Belgium made a lesser start against a direct opponent that already had to be beaten. They were still able to equalize (2-5 to 8-8), but the difference soon became 5 points (10-15).

The storage pressure on the Belgians wasn’t there and the opportunities didn’t run out. With Verhanneman bringing in quickly instead of Rousseaux (just like yesterday) things went better, the gap closed (20-20). At the age of 21-20, the Belgians took the lead for the first time, but everything went wrong: 23-25.

In the second set, our volleyball guys started better (9-5), but the excellent Portuguese defense straightened things out and then things went straight. Once again, however, the Belgians did not complete their scoring chances. A mistake by Perrin foreshadowed the end: not 22-22, but 21-25. The mighty Portuguese finished the match: 22-25.

Belgium does not reward itself for returning

Red alert phase for Belgians against an opponent is considered possible. They were immediately on alert (4-2), but they did not allow the Portuguese to return: 25-20.

In Group 4, it was difficult at first for Deroo and his teammates. Submissions were not like this to damage the opponent and the chances/chances were not used offensively enough.

But the Portuguese lost two challenges halfway through, after which things went more smoothly for Belgium: from 13 to 12 I went to 25-18. The Belgians seemed to be in control.

Group 5 had to make the decision. Belgium started excellently and made a gap (6-3), Portugal did not give up easily and drew (7-7) and then it was point for point. Until 13-13, Ferhanemann hit a ball across the edge of the net, Portugal’s first match ball was the good ball with a good save on Ferhanemann.

The calf has not yet fully plunged into the European Championships in Belgium, but then on Tuesday Greece and Ukraine will have to be the axe. Poland is the host country and the main country is not immediately a party.

Ferhanmann: ‘We don’t get it very well yet, but it hits hard’

Deru: “That was a key match, now stand with your back to the wall”

National team coach Muñoz: “I am proud of my team against the Portuguese national team, the details are determined in Group E”

See the final stages of the five groups in the timeline below:

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