July 21, 2024

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The rise of the Asian hornet

The rise of the Asian hornet

Good morning early morning
All the next day
Today I fly before you with a message in a poem
Maybe not really what you asked for
However, I hope you will be as pleased as I am
Don't turn off the radio and think: That's enough, see you
This is how I check it
Today's news honors every animal and insect
Who deserves it and there is more
So hold on tight and prick your ear, ma'am sir
Maybe it will be of some use to you
It protects you from aches or pains
I explain it in detail, it turns out it's not really good for the atmosphere, but anyway:
There is an invasive wasp on the rise in our cold country
Wait a moment for him to land
I'm talking about what only you know: the Asian hornet
I hear strange things about him, fears, the wasp is disgusting
It poses a great danger to the wild and honey bees
So the bees that were already threatened became less happy
Hornet initially only had an office in South Holland
It now also comes to the north
It seems that many were killed on his way
It's unheard of and not very nice because the bee feels pain in his presence
So, in my opinion, it's time to make the bee happy with a life buoy or
– Translated from English – the so-called body line
I can hear you already thinking: What can I do?
What can you do?
Well, first, keep your eyes and ears open for any tinnitus
If you see a wasp, what do you do? What do you do?
It's hard to explain in a poem, so just Google it
Do it now
I am waiting for you
Yes? I finish?
Then advice from me to the bee that is in danger
So a gesture is the least we can do, right?
Yes? No, no but
Now the good news is that it is found in the garden and hardware store these days
The bee hotels in the reward are as if they were just currant cakes
So run, run!
Excellent opportunity to start Bee-Bee&Be
Or Bumblebee Hotel Boutique
And if you think: Huh who?
Well, you're the one with your gardening gloves or rain boots
Put it on and go out, hopping on the road and street
There is still so much to see, and so many places to go
And if you're outside, you can also help the bees
Then life smiles at you with its contagious laughter
That's all, have a nice day

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