May 27, 2024

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The Rolling Stones announce 2024 US tour

The Rolling Stones announce 2024 US tour

Six decades after their first tour, The Rolling Stones are hitting the road again. The Hockney Diamonds Tour will take them to various cities in the US and Canada in 2024.

With over 2,000 concerts to their name, The Rolling Stones are one of the longest touring bands in the world. A month ago, guitarist Keith Richards announced plans to increase this number in 2024. A (partial) tour has just been announced: in 2024 they will again visit stadiums in some cities in the US and Canada. They will kick off the tour in April in Houston, Texas. Final tour dates are tentatively scheduled for July in Santa Clara, California.

European summer dates are therefore excluded. The tour is named after the most recent album, Hockney DiamondsReleased in October this year. Fans can expect songs from the brand new album as well as old hits.

European dates?

At least the European festivals in June and July can be avoided with this announcement. It’s unclear if any other European tour dates can be anticipated. In 2022, the band toured Europe with them Sixty Tour. But of course European fans also believe that the new album Hockney DiamondsWatch live.

They could return to Europe in late 2024 or take a break after this leg of the tour and visit stadiums in Europe in early 2025. Gentlemen have been known to alternate between continents, so anything is still possible. Either way, the fact that they’ve announced a new album and a new tour shows that the men aren’t done with rock ‘n’ roll just yet.

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