May 21, 2024

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The Rolling Stones honor Charlie Watts on social media |  showbiz

The Rolling Stones honor Charlie Watts on social media | showbiz

The Rolling Stones shared a video of Charlie Watts in the title role on Twitter. Images from various shows over the years have been stitched together, with “If You Can’t Rock Me” as the soundtrack. In an excerpt taken from an interview, Watts talked about the beginnings of the Rolling Stones. He said, “When The Stones asked me to join them, they were talking about a band. Dedication, so I thought it would last a year and then finish next year.” However, he was wrong about that. The Rolling Stones have been active since 1962 and are scheduled to embark on another tour soon. It will continue – despite Watts’ death. Before his death, Watts himself announced that he would miss the tour because he had to undergo surgery. He was then replaced by drummer Steve Jordan. It is unclear if Watts will be replaced permanently.

The remaining members of the Rolling Stones on their website also paid tribute to the drummer. Anyone who visits the band’s official website will see a full-screen photo of the drummer. You cannot click to access other parts of the site via that image. This is how Watts attracts all the attention.

Watts died at the age of 80 in a London hospital, surrounded by relatives.

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