March 25, 2023

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The smiling ‘happy’ cow doesn’t have to go to the slaughterhouse: ‘He’s become our pet’

© Bellbrook Holsteins / Facebook

Australian farmer Barry Koster sent a picture directly to his wife after the birth of a calf at their farm in Ripplebrook. He had never seen anything like it. Turns out, the four-legged friend has a smiley face on his fur. Koster usually sends his calves to the slaughterhouse, but he makes an exception for this calf.

glisource: The telegraph

The Koster family raises about seven hundred calves a year, mainly for the slaughterhouse. But farmers say this can survive woman. A “smiling” calf can live its life as a “lawn mower”.

At first, farmer Barry was clueless after the calf was out this week. But when he dealt with Said, his eye immediately fell on the animal’s fur. He immediately sent a photo to his wife. “I couldn’t believe it – I zoomed in first to make sure none of our staff did anything,” said wife Megan.

“We’ve seen some hearts on the head or some weird markings, but something that looks like a smiley face? No, not yet,” says Megan Koster. The calf was appropriately named “Happy”. It quickly became a favorite animal among the staff. “He will join the bulls and become a bit of our pet.”

© Bellbrook Holsteins / Facebook

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