April 21, 2024

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The TikTokker who broke into a complete stranger’s home and found laws ‘too weak’ has now been arrested |  strange

The TikTokker who broke into a complete stranger’s home and found laws ‘too weak’ has now been arrested | strange

The TikTokker who triumphantly declared yesterday that “UK legislation is too weak”, has now been arrested. After all, Bacari-Bronze O’Garro—nicknamed Mizzy—was already posting new videos of his impeachment on social media. In doing so, he violated a rule that the judge had just imposed on him. Mizzy became infamous beyond the country’s borders after breaking into the home of a complete stranger “for fun.”

But she didn’t stop there for long. Mizzy also stole a woman’s dog, ripped books in the library, jumped into strangers’ cars, biked in a supermarket, filmed activities in McDonald’s kitchen without permission,…the list is almost endless.

His reputation as a troublemaker even landed him on Piers Morgan’s talk show. The British broadcaster tried to crack down on Ojaro, resulting in a bitter interview. In the end, Morgan called his guest a “complete idiot”, but he didn’t make much of an impression.

The teenager had already received a warning from a judge last year that he had to respect private property. However, the video with which he went viral a week and a half ago clearly showed that he was ignoring this rule.

The footage showed Ogaru entering a stranger’s house. The woman, who was cleaning her balcony at the time, yelled at her partner to “Come to the front door ASAP.” When James appeared, the young man acted stupidly. “Should I be here for the study group?” he asked. And then he casually sat in their seat for a while.

look. The footage showed Ogaru entering a stranger’s house

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“This video went viral on the internet, but the next day I apologized to that woman because it made me feel bad,” Ogaro said. “She was terrified because the kids were in the house and I understand that. My self prevailed, it happened on a whim.”

Then Morgan listed some other “troubleshooting”. “You steal another woman’s dog, you jump up a Jewish man’s butt, you ask women on the street if they want to die. What you do can have serious consequences. But none of it matters to you. Why would you terrorize the people in your neighborhood like that?”

O’Garro’s response boomed out in all directions. “You call it terrorism, I call it pleasure. In fact, I feel remorse. Is it my fault that British law is so weak? Hate breeds money and likes.”

look. O’Garro films him stealing an old woman’s puppy

O’Garro lives in Stoke Newington, London. “I’ve known him my whole life,” says her neighbor, Joanne. “Since he was so busy with Tiktok, he has been synonymous with trouble. He has already harassed a lot of people with his videos. Meanwhile, the police have blindly managed to find his house, but he cannot be stopped. This is a nice neighborhood, but he spoils it for everyone.” .for our safety, he should stay away from here.”

On the bike in the supermarket. © RV

His access to court seemed to be of little use at first. “The police will never catch me,” it sounded as soon as he left the courtroom triumphantly.

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However, Judge Charlotte Crangle imposed some rules on him. For example, he is no longer allowed to post videos on social media without the express consent of those involved. However, old and new videos immediately appeared on Twitter, for example, the scoundrel can be seen on the roof of a moving bus.

Mizzy is on the roof of a moving bus.
Mizzy is on the roof of a moving bus. © Twitter

Meanwhile, Mizzy replaced his deleted TikTok profile with a new one. There he immediately mocked the police. “The police thought they caught me, but where am I? Outside, as always,” sounded defiant.

Now the fun is over (for a while). An officer handcuffed him on the roof of a building in south east London.

Mizzy triumphantly left the courtroom yesterday.
Mizzy triumphantly left the courtroom yesterday. © RV