December 9, 2022

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The TV journalist who traveled the world to protest while broadcasting the news fled Russia |  Corona virus what you need to know

The TV journalist who traveled the world to protest while broadcasting the news fled Russia | Corona virus what you need to know

Russian journalist Marina Ovchannikova fled Russia. Her attorney announced this on Monday. The woman became world famous in March when she disrupted a news broadcast on Russian state television, for which she then worked, in protest of the war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the journalist arrived in Europe with her daughter. According to the lawyer, she is doing well and Ovsyannikova is now not making public statements due to her safety. “Ovchannikova and her daughter left Russia a few hours after they left the address where she was under house arrest,” the lawyer said.

house arrest

It was announced at the beginning of this month The 44-year-old has left the place where she will be under house arrest until October 9, along with her 11-year-old daughter. According to her lawyer, she left abroad because she On the wanted list.

The journalist was placed under house arrest for two months due to a protest in which she described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “murderer” and his soldiers as “fascists”. It is likely that her house arrest will be extended pending trial on charges of “spreading false information about the military”. In this regard, the woman is liable to imprisonment for a term of up to ten years.

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Marina Ovchannikova during the court session related to her trial last summer. © AFP

In mid-July, Ovshannikova first protested by holding a banner saying “No to war” live during the broadcast of the news, followed by an appeal in Russian not to believe the propaganda. Soon, she appeared in the Kremlin holding a sign with the following message: “Putin is a killer, and his soldiers are fascists.” In court, the journalist appeared again with a protest sign, this time reading: “I hope the dead children haunt you in your dreams.”

Ovsyannikova traveled abroad after protesting on state television, but eventually returned to Russia. Since then she has been arrested and fined several times.

Marina Ovchannikova.

Marina Ovchannikova. © womanwithposter via Reuters

“completely innocent”

“I consider myself completely innocent,” the journalist wrote in a Telegram earlier this month. “Since our state refuses to abide by its laws, I refuse to abide by house arrest.” And in an attached video, the woman pointed to her anklet: “Putin should be wearing this, not me. He should be isolated from society and put on trial for the genocide he is committing in Ukraine.”

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