May 27, 2024

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The United States and the United Kingdom are launching space cooperation

The United Kingdom and the United States cooperate in their business space travel operations. The British Transport Minister Grant Shops has signed an agreement with his US colleague Pete Buttigieg. The two ministers stressed that this cooperation would make space flights easier and cheaper.

According to Shops and Boutique, the deal is aimed at reducing bureaucracy, among other things, while saving costs and avoiding duplication of jobs.

Spaceport Cornwall

Within the partnership, the two countries formed a cooperation Issuance of licenses for start-up Commercial aircraft, but cooperation will add value to the national security sector, which, according to ministers, can set up general services for weather forecasting, television and transportation at the same time.

Since the end of this year Spaceport Cornwall The rocket is in its first launch program in the United Kingdom. “This agreement sends a clear signal that the United Kingdom is committed to becoming a European hub for space,” Grand Shops insisted.

“Seven British space bases are currently under construction. Space injection Currently billions of pounds Creating more efficient jobs in the UK economy. The sector is also an important base for innovative developments.

Distant communities

Shops added it Development of space stations It also opens up new opportunities for some remote communities in the country. The United Kingdom will also reduce its dependence on foreign missiles for launch and management.

“This agreement will expedite cooperation between the two countries in all areas of space,” said Dan Hart, chief executive of the British space agency Virgin Orbit. He stressed that the satellites of the two countries would be brought into orbit by the first launch later this year.

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Hart also pointed out that space travel took place in the UK two years ago Revenue of £ 16.5 billion And supported approximately 47,000 jobs. According to him, international cooperation will allow the sector to grow further.