March 24, 2023

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The United States has already sold a total of 185,000 BTC

The United States has already sold a total of 185,000 BTC

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Another call for stricter rules around Bitcoin from the Bank of England

The Bank of England generally continues to insist on strict rules around bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

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According to Sarah Frieden, works Managing Director of Financial Stability Strategy and Risk At the Central Bank, It is time for everyone around the world to work together. “This is not something the UK can solve alone”, Says Frieden in conversation The Times.

The Bank of England has escaped some modern advances. The organization was founded in July 1694.

Bitcoin price writes new all-time high in Turkey

Bitcoin sets new record in Turkey You are now paying over 800,000 lira for a bitcoin.

It is no secret that Turkey is suffering from significant inflation. This leads to a loss of purchasing power for citizens and companies in a country of more than 84 million people.

The ‘downside’ of a local currency like the lira: the value of a hard asset like bitcoin actually increases. As the lira weakens against the dollar, Bitcoin could set a new record in local markets.

The United States sold 185,000 BTC

The United States holds a significant share of Bitcoin and other digital assets. They will be seized by various intelligence agencies and auctioned off after sentencing. The US Marshals Service, the responsible service, already has 185,000 BTC from 2014 to the middle of this year. Auctioned.

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