May 26, 2024

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The United States is a leader in providing corona vaccines to poor countries

The United States is a leader in providing corona vaccines to poor countries

During a speech from the White House on Tuesday, Joe Biden boasted that “democracies can deliver.” He cites the 110 million Govt vaccines that the United States now provides to 65 poor countries, including Afghanistan and Zambia. Biden talks about an “important milestone”. China has so far donated more than $ 24 million. With less than 8 million vaccines, the EU is still lagging behind.

This is just the beginning, Biden added. By the end of August, the United States will begin sending half a billion Pfizer vaccines to 100 poor countries. Donations are unconditional. “We also provide vaccines to countries that have problems,” Biden said. By June 2022, everything will be fully delivered.

The U.S. government is also working to vaccinate immigrants on the Mexican border. Among them, the number of infections is rapidly increasing. Vaccines are given to all detainees in custody, even if they are returned.

A global vaccine is needed to control the epidemic in the United States as well, Biden said. “You can’t build a high wall to block the virus from other countries.” The United States is currently battling new epidemics triggered by the Delta type. More than 105,000 new U.S. cases were announced last Tuesday.

But global distribution is not an easy task. Delivery Important: Vaccines must be delivered before the expiration date, and in the case of Pfizer, be stored at very low temperatures.

Donated vaccines are mainly distributed through the global vaccination site Kovacs, an international cooperative, WHO and aid organization Kavi. Kovacs aims to deliver two billion doses to 92 poorest countries in the world by the end of this year. At this point, that scene is far from over. In countries designated as low-income countries by the World Bank, only 1 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. In stark contrast to high-income countries: more than half of them are vaccinated.

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The distribution of U.S. vaccines is based, among other things, on the number of infections, the mortality rate, and hospital occupation. Indonesia, currently the world’s corona hotspot, is the largest target country receiving eight million doses. Colombia, Nigeria, Bangladesh and South Africa will receive four million doses. Canada’s vaccine campaign has been slow due to the late delivery from pharmaceutical companies in Canada, Canada’s richest recipients.