September 26, 2022

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The US network operator is asking Californians not to charge electric vehicles at certain times

If you can’t explain it to me, you don’t understand it yourself. The basic rule in education and in fact everywhere.
Besides, I’m talking to you, not Google.

By the way, have you ever searched for “oil” and “environment”? Or, also interestingly, “gas production” and “environment”?

Let me (okay) explain:
Batteries are harmful to the environment. Extracting raw materials is a problem, as is the waste left when it reaches the end of its life.
However: you can keep arguing about this and keep the old situation. This is a choice. With this choice comes the preservation of the massive environmental pollution from the extraction, processing and transportation of oil and the massive environmental pollution from burning it. Cobalt is also used, for example, in oil processing and entire tribes are exploited and perish as a result of oil extraction.
In addition: the batteries can be recycled very well. No fuel.
You can suggest nuclear power as a solution, but we won’t have that in 10 years and we don’t really have that time.
So, in short, we have to do everything we can to reduce total emissions and windmills, solar power, electric vehicles, heat pumps, insulation, less driving, and higher energy prices. Waiting for the perfect solution is about the dumbest thing you can do right now.

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