March 2, 2024

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The vaccination rate for Zealand’s children is less than 75 percent, GGD is concerned

The vaccination rate for Zealand’s children is less than 75 percent, GGD is concerned

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GGD Zeeland is concerned about the low vaccination rate in the province. Less than three-quarters of Zealand’s children receive all vaccinations against diseases such as measles, polio and meningococcal.

This is the lowest percentage in the Netherlands and well below the RIVM standard of 90 percent. An outbreak of an infectious disease can have serious consequences, says Marilyn Neeskens from GGD Zeeland v Omrup Zeeland.

“You get optimal protection at the highest possible vaccination rate. We are not achieving that in Zealand. As a result, the chance of an outbreak and the consequences of an outbreak are much greater.”

Doubts after Corona

The 90 percent standard has not been achieved in any municipality in Zealand. Reimerswaal, Purcell, Thulin and Sluis are less than 70 percent. GGD hopes municipalities will investigate how to better reach vaccine refusers to persuade them to take the shots.

Many Zealanders refuse vaccination for religious reasons, but since Corona the vaccination rate has fallen sharply, especially among non-believers. “People who had doubts about Corona vaccines are now also choosing not to vaccinate their children with the National Immunization Program vaccines,” Neeskens said.

Big differences

Across the Netherlands, 84.2% of children are fully vaccinated by the age of two years. Regional differences are significant. Zealand ranks last with 74.8%. There are only two regions that achieve the 90 percent RIVM standard: GGD Gooi en Vechtstreek and GGD Groningen.

GGD areas with the lowest vaccination rate among 2-year-olds (Source: RIVM)

GGD area Vaccination rate
New Zealand 74.8 percent
Heart of Brabant 79.0 percent
Amsterdam 79.2 percent
Gelderland-Middle 79.3 percent
Rotterdam-Reinmond 80.9 percent